WorldCup 2014 Round of 16 Predictions

Brazil – Chile: Brazil

Brazil critics say they haven’t played well, but they scored have a 7-2 goal scoring margin, and their only blemish is a scoreless tie against a very in-form Mexican side.  They should have won that game but Mexico’s goal-keeper Memo Ochoa played out of his mind to keep Brazil off the scoreboard.  Chile looks good but can they really beat Brazil in their World Cup ? I don’t think so. They’ve played at this stage before in 1998, and Brazil thumped Chile 3-0. History repeats itself here. Brazil 3-1.

Colombia – Uruguay: Colombia

Suarez bites his way out of the tournament and in the process shoots his team in the foot. Colombia wins a hard fought battle, but ultimately Colombia have too much style and win 2-0.

France – Nigeria: France

France looked too good in the first stage to muck this up. It won’t be easy but they’ll beat Nigeria in a hard fought battle, 3-2.

Germany – Algeria: Germany

What a gift for Germany. Algeria beat South Korea 4-2 to basically get themselves into the second round. It won’t be so easy against Germany. In fact, itt will be no contest. Deutschland in a rout 4-0.

Netherlands – Mexico: Mexico

Mexico always manages to draw the opponent from hell in the knockout phase. In 1998 it was Germany. In 2006 and 2010 it was Argentina. And now Holland, easily the best European team in a tournament dominated by teams from the Americas. However, in sports, results are cyclical. The odds say that Mexico can’t keep losing these games. This time, after losing many a heartbreaking Round of 16 game, Mexico stuns Holland 2-1.

Costa Rica – Greece: Costa Rica

Greece is an interesting team. They really battled to beat Ivory Coast (2 crossbars) but Costa Rica is playing at a high level. They somehow edge Greece on PKs after a 1-1 draw over 120 minutes. Go CONCACAF !

Argentina – Switzerland: Argentina

The Swiss were destroyed by France (can’t resist the worst cliche of all: swiss-cheese defense).  Messi is gaining confidence by the minute.  He and his mates will continue to find those gaping holes and kill Switzerland 4-1.

Belgium – USA: Belgium

The USA managed to get out of the group, but I don’t think they really looked that good in doing so.  They have difficulties in holding the ball, they played in the Group of Death, they had the worst travel schedule in the entire Cup, and they had to play in a rainstorm in Recife in their last game. It’s all too much to deal with. Belgium wins a close game, but they edge the US by scoring late (as they have all tournament) and win 2-1.


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