Man City – Chelsea Report

Man City and Chelsea square off for the Champions League title, the first Champions League game to have fans during the pandemic. Chelsea has had City’s number the last two games, beating them 2-1 in a league game and also 1-0 to eliminate City in the FA Cup.

By eliminating City in the FA Cup, they denied City the chance to win 4 trophies this year. Pep Guardiola’s team has already won the EPL title and the Carabao Cup (a 2-1 win over Tottenham). Now the Blues stand in the way of the the title City, and Guardiola, covet the most, the Champions League Trophy. By winning it, City would become only the seventh team to pull off this feat, and it would give them bragging right over their city rivals Manchester United, who pulled off this incredible feat in 1999.

First Half

7′ Ederson 60 yard pass to Sterling, who can’t quite control it and Reece James recovers

9′ Werner mishits a cross into the box

10′ Sterling sprints down the left flank, his second 40m sprint in less than 5 minutes.

14′ Werner has another chance but can’t hit the shot with power or direction and it goes directly to Ederson who make easy save. Less than a minute later, has another mano a mano with Ruben Diaz but hits side netting with his shot.

15′ DeBruyne streaming down right side and gets stopped by Kante.

In the first 15 minutes Chelsea has come out to play and has had the better chances. They look like the better team and have had the clearer opportunities to score. Kante appears ethereal, he is everywhere, covering the entire pitch. Truly one of the best box to box midfielders in the world today.

27′ Raheem beats James again and James recovers again. What an individual duel this is turning out to be.

28′ Foden breaks in on goal after a quick City restart on a foul, three-toes the ball, but the masked Rudiker blocks a certain goal and it falls harmlessly into Mendy’s hand.

City wins the second round, dominating the second 15 minutes.

37′ Zinchenko stops Havertz cold as he cuts into the box hoping to make something happen. Thiago Silva goes out to injury and is replaced by Christensen. Bad break for Chelsea.

42′ Haverts receives a long diagonal pass from Mason Mount and breaks in on Ederson in a 1-1. Havertz cleverly touches the ball ahead and scores easily.

44′ Kante to Werner, who chest traps it but hurries his shot wide.

Second Half:

52′ Kante brilliant all-ball sliding tackle from behind do dispossess DeBruyne.

54′ R. Diaz sliding pass back to Ederson to disposses Werner and prevent a clear breakaway

56′ DeBruyne and Rudikker collide in the middle American football style. Unfortunately for City, Kevin is out of the game. Gabriel de Jesus comes in to play the real #9.

60′ Shot blocked by Reese. No PK awareded by ref nor VAR.

62′ Foden shot goes high.

64′ Fernardinho in for Silva. Pulisic in for Werner.

68′ Apilicueta breaks up cross destined to be a tap-in goal for City. What c have easily been an own goal is a brilliant save.

72′ Havertz and Pulisic work 1-2 down the field, but Christian misses his shot wide.

76′ Aguero comes in for Sterling. Sterling played great but Reese James got the better of him in the mano a mano.

85′ Aguero, after not having touched the ball, tries to chip the ball to Foden for an easy goal but Mendy gobbles it up easily.

89′ Chelsea, under fire, as City work the ball in and around, but City just can’t get clean shots.

96′ Mahrez shot floats tantalizingly close but eventually goes over the crossbar.


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