WC 2022 Round of 16: Portugal 6 – Switzerland 1

Goncalo Ramos celebrates his first of three goals.

Portugal blasted Switzerland early and often, and they did it without their talisman Cristiano Ronaldo. His substitute, a little known player (To me at least. My good friend Bob from West Virginia probably knows him) named Goncalo Ramos scored with a blistering left-footed shot to the Swiss keeper’s near post at minute 17’. Pepe towered over his defender on a corner in the 33rd minute. In complete control Portugal were up the dreaded 2-0 nil, but with Switzerland looking fairly anemic, there was very little to worry.

In the second half, Portugal turned on the jets. Ramos again at 51’ and 67’ with Guerrero’s goal sandwiched in at 55’. Five to zero ! It mattered little that the Swiss pulled one back at 58’. This game was over before it even started it seemed. Ronaldo came in for the last 15 minutes to get in on the party and got close a couple of times (he scored on a beautiful left-footed finish but he was ruled offside). Portugal scored again deep into stoppage time.

Pepe towers over his defender to score Portugal’s second goal.

This was by far the worst game of the tournament. Even though it was not as bad of a thrashing as what Spain administered to Costa Rica, the fact that it came in the knock-out round makes it more emphatic. This was close in goal margin to the second Maracanazo, the combined German beatdown and Brazilian meltdown in the 2014 semi-final.

Both Portuguese speaking teams have looked shockingly good. Wouldn’t it be fun if they were to meet up in a World Cup Final for the ages. Brazil might win 4-3, or the scoreline could as easily be reversed in favor of the colonizers.

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